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Thread: My thoughts on Bad Season ( HARD COPY VERSION )

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    My thoughts on Bad Season ( HARD COPY VERSION )

    This comes from my part as a fan and I am sure that most people can agree...... Thank you Tech and all of Strange Music for re-releasing the album. To me, it means a lot that you go out of your way to respect the thoughts of the fans, your foundation upon which you were founded and brought up.... To me that means a lot and I appreciate that as a fan and that is why I wil continue to represent Strange Music....

    The new version is absolutely mind-blowing. The quality is beyond par and i would almost call it an "Eagle" lol. Anyways.... i have noticed lyrics that I never did in the original Free version. It might just be me but I honestly think I have noticed more lyrics so to speak.....

    I personally love the elimination of the Gun shots and the "Scream" on lick your teeth that goes WOO.

    I am no longer bothered by the WHOOOOO KIIIIIIID as I believe that he did a great job producing this album.

    Yes, he did make a slip up of the "white trash fans" comment but hey.... Who doesn't say things on accident sometime? He has done a very good job creating hype of Bad Season and I believe that Whoo Kidd Is only a positive addition to an album Tech has made.. Yadda?

    Anyways.... All of this, "Tech's new music isnt' par". Or , "Tech is Going Mainstream" Is bullshit!!! The mainstream is going Tech!!!!

    2011- The End of Time Is Tech's Time.... The Time of the N9ne!

    And Lastly..... In The words of Tech N9ne....... "Never Let You Down, Never Let You Down, Won't Stop Rappin Till I'm Dead In The Ground"


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    All we need on this site is a "Like" button.

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    hell yeah!!! haha

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    Could not agree more, but man oh man I am hoping and praying that we get blammers and burners and speed of sound the real songs...

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    same here.... its my dream! woulda loved losing my mind lengthened but hey.... tech did enough! i would like a losing my mind again or something to lengthen it lol

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    Bad Season! On my car (good) all night and all day! I love the new one "curious" even tho they had to get rid of "hard liquor" Thing is........Tech never stops! Thanks for all the Dwaaaamn good music.

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    damn, i cant afford to buy it right now

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    im not missing hard liquor! AT ALL> i wish tech would out his verse to his own beat for it

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    He wanted to put BLH and hopsin on losing my mind but he didn't have time.

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