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Thread: Lemme vent real quick

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    Lemme vent real quick

    No one has to read or respond to this, I just wanted to get some shit off my chest. We have become a brain-dead, roboticized pseudo-culture. Our kids are illiterate, disrespectful demons who become sexualized by the time they are eight, think Rihanna, Drake, and Justin Bieber make real music and call Lil Wayne a rapper. Religion is less a way to reach God and more a fucking joke. The three major religions are (1) pedophilia and paganism disguised as worship of Jesus (2)A religion whose major prophet had 12 wives, one of which was only 8 when the marriage was consummated (he was over 50) and(3) One of the few polytheistic religions left. Politics has de-evolved into name-calling and distraction to keep us from paying attention to the fact that we are becoming a third-world dictatorship but its okay because our president can play basketball. No one asks important questions like: why has news become so opinion based? Why does Christianity not resemble its beginnings at all anymore? Why do homosexuals who only make up 2% of the population weild so much power over politics and entertainment and now even religion? Why do all mainstream entertainers sell the same images to impressionable kids. Why do kids value image over substance? What happened to individualism? What happened to having something to believe in? Now we are to busy worrying about who won a fucking basketball game or what celebrity has had work done. I myself have been guilty of paying more attention to celebrities than I should and I pray that the Lord forgives me for this wasted time. I said this to explain my criticism of Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko. I genuinely respect them. They are two of the most talented people in the history of the entertainment industry. It saddens me to see that they have become sell-outs, slaves to the industry that perpetuates the same ignorance and problems I just got wrote about. Tech N9ne can make a name for himself without Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes. Krizz Kaliko could make a name for himself without T-Pain. They instead chose to become sell-outs, house niggas, uncle toms. They are pissing all over their fans. If their music is still the quality we are used to I wanna be able to support them but how can I?

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    I now wanna return to my sarcastic, joking self.

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    Tech isn't selling out, he is trying to bring people together. I do agree with some of the other things you said tho. It's all PEER preasure. Thank you for the individualism.

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    Thank you both for taking the time to read all that shit and for the positivity

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