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Thread: Tour Dates (UPDATED)

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    Tour Dates (UPDATED)

    I didn't want to make a whole new thread so I just continued on an old one, START ON PAGE 4.

    Here's some upcoming tour dates for fall 2011:

    Lawrence, KS- September 29th

    Dallas, TX- October 2nd

    Houston, TX- October 4th

    Austin, TX- October 7th

    Tempe, AZ- October 10th

    San Diego, CA- October 13th

    Anaheim, CA- October 16th

    Santa Clara, CA- October 23rd

    Portland, OR- October 30th

    Kennewick, WA- November 1st

    Spokane, WA- November 3rd

    Seattle, WA- November 4th

    Missoula, MT- November 5th

    Boise, ID- November 6th

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    we wont know for another month prolly. u can bet that theyll be out by sometime in march tho

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    NNNNOOOOO! Tech said on ustream that he wished he had the dates on him, so hopefully soon. I'm loosing my mind haha

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    damn i hope he doesnt try new venues and doesnt stop in worcester..couple years ago he skipped us on like 3 straight tours

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    Denver last stop? FUCK YES

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    I hope he announces it soon! I really REALLY want to know when (if) he's coming around here !!!!!

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    or DVD..

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian a.k.a Young B
    Hell yea might do another live video???? juss a thought ckuz thats what he did for KC Tea

    Quote Originally Posted by 56Highland Villain
    Denver last stop? FUCK YES

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    i hope they'll come to Montreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    fuck you hes coming to omaha nebraska bitch

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian a.k.a Young B

    no dates were said on u-stream yesterday but he did say Denver was the last stop, they're goin to some small hick ass town in kentucky on april 29th if i remember right from u-stream..

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    hopefully he makes it tuh vega$$$

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