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Thread: Kutt on "Welcome To The Midwest"

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    Kutt on "Welcome To The Midwest"

    Okay, I went to my first Tech show back in October at Pittsburgh (my review was featured in the Strange Blog), and I know I'm not the only one who was blown away by the addition of Kutt Calhoun on "Welcome To The Midwest". I say we use this thread as a way to get support for Tech to make the addition and put it on his next album.

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    shit would be epic

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    I think they should just release an mp3

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    that be sick as fuck

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    fuck yes! i've been thinking the same thing for a while now. kutt absolutely murdered that shit.

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    that would be dope if its on Kutt's mixtape, Pre-Order MP3 or on a Strange Music Sampler

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    HELL YEAH! I have commented on this subject in a couple threads already but we better get this song!!!!

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    na they shld throw it on the kutt mixtape tht would be illll

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    this. it would be stupid as hell to put it on a tech album

    Quote Originally Posted by WRECK BONE
    that would be dope if its on Kutt's mixtape, Pre-Order MP3 or on a Strange Music Sampler

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