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Thread: whos holdin it down!?

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    whos holdin it down!?

    We all know Tech is the KC King but I wanna know who's holdin down ur neck of da woods! I'm Nebraska all day all night baby! Held down by the homie Scru Face Jean. Check out his new video on youtube "Act A Timmy" plus his other bangers! Now u know wat we be on let the rest of the world know who holds ur spot down! Rep yo spot!

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    tech holds south dakota man

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    im from florida but now in florida tre pound tom g, trick daddy, blood raw, oak hill boys and up here tech, krizz, kutt, cadence, irv, hopsin, b double e, 2kp aka 2 kansas players and jbislive....i figure most people will put tech and not someone in there city or just tech if they are kcmo

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    shit, im holdin it down for the 864... greenville, south carolina...bakardee 151 in this bitch!!!! got sum new songs ima post up on here soon if u like what ya hear!!!

    P.S. oh yea im the first guy rappin on this song

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    besides tech and strange, rich the factor, ron ron, cash image,the popper,b double e,nesto the owner, ect. do it big for kc

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    reef the lost cauze and jedi mind tricks hold down philly. theres the bullshit party rappers like meek millz and gillie da kidd. the new up coming shit is "ground up". they can do some sweet shit. check out girls who smoke cigarettes

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    Kung Fu Vampire got San Jose, maybe not in the area of it i live in but w/e

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    las vegas rappers are gay, i like psychopathic records and strange music

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    Yeah that's all straight and all. I'm all bout Strange Music and shit I jus like seein who else is out there and holdin down their area. Hey and everyone please check out the homie Scru Face Jean on youtube or let's help our motha fuckin artists ya heard! Keep Reppin!

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