I was reading the topics in the forum about Tech N9ne's collabo' with Ceza and i've seen that people wonder about what Ceza is saying. I read one translation but I think the person who posted it used google translator and it almost does not make sense.

I am Turkish and have been living in Canada for 5 years, so I tried to translate into English by myself. I tried to do my best, but Turkish is a really hard language to translate, I almost translate word to word, in some cases I just wrote what he means because if it is translated word to word it does not make sense. Here is the translation of Ceza's two verses and the chorus. Hope it will make sense now.

Waiting for you comments.

verse 1.

I got stuck between 2 situations/ 2 front 1 back then opened my eyes, still useless/ from now on leave me alone, and don't mess with me/ Tech N9ne and Ceza, we are at the bottom floor/ Here is my destiny/ Everything that is beautiful is a dream/ If I cannot find my way in this darkness, then I just close my eyes and talk to my god, hallelujah/ Turn around and look back, road is always long and dark/ Darkness deepens everyday but where are the friends/ "death" does not come to anybody's mind but a dark ground waits for all of us/ neither I see my front, everywhere is dark. nor I find my way but I stepped safe/ I made a stamp to whom give a bad look to me/ Come on use the ace if you have it, before you step on a shit/ everyone's , who believe in their rap, will get crashed/ we make everyone mystified, don't care about the rest/ Missouri Kansas, Istanbul full gas/ My names are remembered when whole atlas got beaten/ My light was rap/ My light was my mom/ My light was the one/ The rest was hate/ Dark Places, address is known/ Don't wait for me to the train, I am gone . .


Every day is same, days have no difference/ It is like same from day to day, same show/ Every and each flow comes before you/ All of the punks just talk about us . . Look everywhere darkened again/ we are satisfied, but they say "run" / Wire fences cannot be seen with eyes/ Our address is same: "Dark Places".

verse 2

Let's cut the rope that pulls us to the bottom/ Let's blow like crazy/ Is it problem to walk? Baby?/ Lets crush everyone who comes in front of us/ Let's walk around till we die/ Shall we get executed by firing?/ No!! There is giving up, there is no fear/ We were deceived!! Everday, same film, same show/ We were deceived like we did not learn any lesson/ Dark Places! address is always same/ Medium looked at my fortune and saw my future/ Memories got accumulated without living them/ A lot of bastards want me to be gone/ What they need is Dr. Kevorkian/ Varmint stayed unnamed, left its self shapeless/ hyacinth cannot be plant in waste, unproductive fields/ Cannot get beaten till Missouri/ I was child, I was small/ My fear was school/ Used to kick everyone who comes in front of us/ It felt like ice and passed, It was cold/ We used get either morning shift or beaten up/ Nobody got used to me/ Neither their power has been enough nor I got smarten up/ Neither a blackboard nor a white chuck/ All I need is only a mic.