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Thread: RIP World Star Hip Hop

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    RIP World Star Hip Hop

    World Star Hip Hop shut down and seized by Homeland Security

    Posted by Chris TheBlackGoogle on January 24th, 2011

    Your favorite rap site known for them wild videos you seen posted on Facebook and twitter is now shut down. Our source's tell us WSHH and OnSmash have been seized by Homeland Security for copyright infringement. The government is taking over the world, record labels crying because they can't sell records in the digital age. Get hype to the technology and beat it. The music industry is playing with billions of dollars and the best they can do is seize web sites, lmao! SAD day for the internet!

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    wtf that was actually one of my favorite sites, damn hip hop police stike agian

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    I know right this some straight BS

    Quote Originally Posted by D Wills
    wtf that was actually one of my favorite sites

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    GOOD MUSIC SELLS. that's all I have to say.

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    crazy 50cent just ratted on himself about ratting

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    did not see that coming lol damn

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    yup 50 just said he shut it down, not homeland

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    Aint This Some Shit!!!!~~~~F.T.!~~~~T!LL ! D!E

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    wtf they actually took down world star hip hop what the hell!!! this mofo"N bull. man . they had no right not right!!!!!as if I already didn't hate the industry and the goverment enough

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