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Thread: POLL: Favorite Live Kutt Calhoun Track

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    POLL: Favorite Live Kutt Calhoun Track

    <span>From the vocal booth to stages around the world, Kutt Calhoun is known for his charisma and perfect execution. Kutt has been touring for years and always delivers spectacular performances filled with plenty of surprises. Fans always anticipate hearing their favorite songs live, and with Kutt, they have plenty to be excited about. With three albums and countless tours under his belt, we would like to know what you consider to be your favorite live Kutt Calhoun track.

    <em>"Bunk Rock Bitch"</em> - Kutt's breakout single from <em>Feature Presentation</em> always sends the women in attendance into a frenzy. With Krizz Kaliko at his side, Kutt relies on his natural swagger to carry the performance of this infectious hit.

    [b]<em>Kutt and Tech's tribute to Michael Jackson during their performance.

    <em>"Smilin' Faces"</em> - When it's time to slow down and give fans some real perspective, Kutt breaks out with this emotional and introspective record. Channeling Tech N9ne's performance of "This Ring", "Smilin Faces" gives Kutt a chance to connect with the audience.

    <em>"That's Kutt Calhoun"</em> - What could be called Kutt's official theme song, this rugged tale sets the tone for the rest of Kutt's live performance. Taken from <em>Raw And Un-Kutt</em>, this gave way for new music to use on tour.

    <em>"Laughing Stock"</em> - Another fast paced track, Kutt's presence is best suited for rapid fire delivery, like the one he exhibits on "Laughing Stock".


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    i see it

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    um...why isn't Naked on here? that shit was amazing live. also, his verse for welcome to the midwest trumps a lot of these choices imo

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    Nothing like "I see it" live when there moon walking while kutts rapping

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    I see it is dope but I like that new verse he does for welcome to the midwest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Blades
    I see it is dope but I like that new verse he does for welcome to the midwest.

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    I always liked Smilin faces...woop d woop, N a whitemans eyez, and in my face were dope.

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    my personal favorite songwise is laughing stock and hey hey hey, those are 2 good songs i think

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    welcome to the midwest is ridiculous. Either Tech needs to put a re-mix with Kutts part on 6's and 7' or maybe Kutt could find somewhere to tie-in his verse on the new mixtape.

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    In A White Manz Eyez,Real Sex,Colors,Woop D Woop,Smilin Faces,Bunk Rock Bitch,I See It,Thats Kutt Calhoun,Dark Nights...Those Are All Good....and his verse for Welcome To The Midwest is fuckin dope they need a remix.....but "Smilin Faces" is my favorite LIVE track....those lyrics are deep!!

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