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Thread: Why Are You A Tech N9ne Fan?

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    Why Are You A Tech N9ne Fan?

    Simple Question; Why Are You A Tech N9ne Fan?

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    Obviously because we like his music?

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    duh...but why

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    tech is real unlike most rappers and keeps it in the family type of way and not afraid of entering us to his world in his point of view and love that, most rappers rap about the shit that is hot atm and that is being fake to me i still hear to it don't get me wrong but when it comes to feeling a song i feel tech n9ne i never get bored of hearing his old shit and new and other rappers i hear for a month or two and bored of the hook and somehting but not with tech.

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    he raps backwards the biggest reason I LOVE Tech N9ne's music is the variety. i feel his music. it's real and it has heart and soul. he's not afraid to use the freedom of speech, and c'mon ladies...he's sexy as heck!!!

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    xes lliw eb yrotadnam yliad ylthgin.
    This, women need to be living by it

    im mean c'mon, hes fuckin sick, just the best

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    i think yukmouth said it best at the end of come gangsta

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    Because he's got everything that I look for in rappers: energy, speed, anger, sadness, and party type shit that isn't corny. I also like knowing that when I buy anything Strange that they are getting fully paid instead of mainstream sales where they get like 14 cents from each CD sold.

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    I thought it was spelled Tec Nin3

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    nah man, its teQ nyn. but the Q is silent cause real g's roll around in lasagne.

    Quote Originally Posted by Techn9cian4life
    I thought it was spelled Tec Nin3

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