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Thread: Album of the month

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    Album of the month

    So as many of u no, and maybe if u don't know, February is gonna be a pretty good month for music.
    Black Gold
    Speaking of the Devil
    The regime double album
    Which album are u guys personally looking forward to the most?

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    yeah don't even mention Joe Budden, Killah Priest, or Ras Kass. -_-

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    With A k-os double album coming on the 29th of jan and wreks mixtape 2 days after, then SOTD 5 days later, same day lynch drops, pretty sure joey's comes out same day too, (not sure when killah's and ras coming out) also missed Reks on feb 25th, kutts on the 26 and Ill Bill's on the 26th,


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