I wanna start off by saying that i listen to you everyday all day im a HUGE fan.My little 11 year old brother listen's to u all the fuckin time hes in the new generation of technicians, he loves your music. Me and my girl have been to five concerts together (we were even there on Halloween Night n kansas fuckin sick, best halloween EVER she painted our faces, fuckin amazing concert keep it up man) those concerts were pretty much the best times of my life.Your music is stuff that i a can truley realate to from smokin to guns and pills and the pain, all of it. My momma had grandmaulseizars. She had short term memorey loss, an angel truelly torminted. My father had a stroke a few years back and hes going to have to go through kemo, the doctors said he only had about two years left. Um, anyways i wanted to say about a week ago my mom was tragically killed in the worst way possible it was an accidental gun fuck up. The gun fucking fucked up and miss fired.It was just a freak bullshit accident. I was prepared for her to go in her sleep or any other way but not this. The doctors said she would wake up one day & not know who any of us were but my dad had a plan to do like 50 first dates kinda thing and make her a book with pics or even a vidoe for her to read/watch every morning. She was getting iller & iller & i was always scared her my dad or my grandma would be gone one day when i woke up. And it happened i woke up to it one morning. Its just so hard she went this way.She didn't deserve that & its just so devestating on all of us. Me my dad, my mom, my girl, & my little bro were..are major gun coloctors, gun lovers.And for her to go this way is unbelieveable, we've never been through this much pain. I just need somethin to lighten my darkness, more to light my little brothers darkness lift his pain away for even a little bit.If you could just let me know when your next concert is thats close by at cains ballroom, or Wichita i'd really apprecate it cuz my little bro hasn't got to go to one yet, it would make him so happy it would give us true happyness for a while & we need those kinda moments to help us get through cuz we've never lost anyone this close. Sinceraly Dakota Tyler Buoy.