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Thread: Who Wrote This Verse - GAME

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    Who Wrote This Verse - GAME

    I walks in the club, grabbing on my dick As the police officers patting down my click They say my bandana breaks the dress code Every fine fucking bitch I see is my ex ho I'm hogging and I'm dogging creeping and I'm crawling Believe me this my calling it's time to do you all in Everybody jump jump, boys trip what what Let my double barrel shotty go barump-pa-pump-pum Slangin slab motor rocks up in no man's land Burnin off in my "Smokey and the Bandit" Trans Am The rope around my neck is just dangling and jangling Sometime I smoke the rain, it get wetter than a penguin Aunt Jemima sipper, hoes like Jack Tripper Peace to Big Dipper, what the deal my nigga Hook like Johnny Topy, it's Dopehouse living prosperous I tip my waitress and she can't stop saying 'Gracias'

    Who wrote this??______________

    Winner gets a pat on the back lol

    Whoever gets it right posted other one up...

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    killa wali

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    A child molester.

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    lol this

    Quote Originally Posted by A-Mac

    A child molester.

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    south park mexican woot

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    Killa Wili - I must be high

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    I, know that I, must be high, so that I, can function

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    yep I must be high by spm

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