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Thread: Yelawolf signed with shady records.

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    Yelawolf signed with shady records.

    So I guess this just happened a couple days ago. Yelawolf is now signed with shady records and along with slaughterhouse. I just heard this from an interview with royce da 5'9. What do you guys think? I don't really listen to slauterhouse but yelawolf is one my favorites and I think its a good thing, he could go very far with shady.

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    ya there has been a couple threads on this already

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    Give me a break punk, Today is the first time ive been on in months lol.
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    yelawolf is a faggot tbh

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    have you even listened to his cd? trunk muzik is one of the best cd's i've bought last year thats not strange music. hella sick beats and features!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon
    yelawolf is a faggot tbh

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    never heard any yelawolf stuff except maybe one vid that was posted on here, never heard anything about him getting signed....should make things interesting if tech still collabs with him, get him a lil more pull into the shady world.

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