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Thread: Im Confused.

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    Im Confused.

    Am i really like the only one who doesnt like the new music

    Tech's coming out with?Like im not trying to hate on him hes my favorite rapper,

    but come on do you not like see how different his music

    is now from last year when he came out with KOD i mean in my

    opinion that was his last good album.

    Im just sayin i want him to put shit out like his old music

    i miss that.

    So you can hate on my thread i just wanna

    hear people opinions.

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    ^ ur not the only one.

    TGMP was crap, and bad season sucks. (well except the track bad season)

    I dont mind though, considering most of the artists i listen to release an album like once every 2-3 years and Tech has new tracks like every 3 months. Not all of it is gonna appeal to me, but other people like it so its all good

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    I think Tech is "merely" evolving. Anghellic is way different than KOD, so I'm thinking it's going to be different than the rest??? I love it all.

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    I just hope not all his new stuff is like that

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    "Like mah old shit buh buh BUY my old albums"

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    Oh i have it like i said its just my opinion you

    dont have to hate on it

    Quote Originally Posted by 56Highland Villain
    "Like mah old shit buh buh BUY my old albums"

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    well mlk, sickology, and tgmp were all just collabos... bad season was just a mixtape...kod was his actual album.

    his albums have always been way better than the collabos and especially the mixtape. i wouldn't say it sucks, but just a different thought process. i assure you "all 6's and 7's" will be alot better than "tgmp" and "bad season"

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    <font color="#000000">TGMP and Bad Season are both fucking fantastic. Your negative opinions don't warrant their own thread. Nothing we haven't heard already so...

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    Bad Season is incredible rap music. If you want dark shit, listen to some Horrorcore music.

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    This topic has been discussed so many times. You know it's been over talked about..when Tech actually talks about it on a song.

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