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Thread: The sequel was better

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    The sequel was better

    Name a movie where the sequel was better than the original.

    For me it would be The Rescuers Down Under which was a sequel to The Rescuers.

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    The Dark Knight

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    yeah the dark knight is prob the best example there is that i can think of

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    bourne supremacy, rocky 2, kill bill pt.2 my favs

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    Bad Boys II

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roy Razor
    Bad Boys II

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    bad boys 2, spiderman 2, any of the die hards, scary movie 2, the devils rejects

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    Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom.

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    terminator 2- BIGGEST IMPROVEMENT EVER!!!!!!

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    what is the dark knight a sequel of? there's been like 40 batman movies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole
    The Dark Knight

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