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Thread: Plz TECH add two more verses to "Losin' My Mind".

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    Plz TECH add two more verses to "Losin' My Mind".

    Who agrees wit me!

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    fuck yes

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    man, i thought it was funny. Ya it would be very nice if that song was longer.

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    couldnt agree more

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian a.k.a Young B

    we all agree with you and so do the other hundreds of posts about this song an what youre talking about....

    But yes agreed Tech should make this song longer. and like my post said it should feature Brotha Lynch like Tech had intended that would also make it longer lol.... Deffinately 1 of my fav tracks

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    do another verse or 7

    i actually think blh would be wierd to hear on this track because the beat doesn't match his

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    Hell yeah agree to the max

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