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Thread: Pops in ESL/Sauget?

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    Pops in ESL/Sauget?

    Can anyone tell me what it's like that have gone there? I live kinda close but missed last time, wanna know what its like when I do eventually go to see


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    It's pretty fresh. Lots of floor room if you wanna be close or mosh...pool tables and games and an outside area off to the right of the club...but my favorite part is there's a top section you can walk up to that goes all around the stage! I've only been to a few venues but this is my favorite.

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    it's a dope venue! Plenty of room and shit to do! We got a couple shows there comin up soon. Until then this thursday @ Fubar P.R.E.A.C.H. is opening up for Afroman! Gonna a be a great show all ages tix are $13.

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