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Thread: hp envy 14 dr dre laptop

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    hp envy 14 dr dre laptop

    sup yall
    i was wondering if any of u have or spent some time around this device.

    if so what can you tell me about it, likes, dislikes.

    also i heard that they discountinued these any truth to that?

    any help u can provide will good.

    thanks for looking keep it

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    i was considering the hp envy 17 witch actually has better features. but i juzt wanted to know if it was worth it or if i should juzt throw in a couple more hundi n get the 17 witch has blu ray....n all kinds of othe great stuff. i mean the Beats edition one looks cool but i need to know how it is performance wise....i know the basic envys are weak so i heard but what makes the dr. dre one better besides its looks. n did do net research and no one ever gives a sright answer besides IT LOOKS BETTER. right now im leaning more towards the envy 17 but i didnt really want a 17inch but it looks like its better given the blu ray larger ram n harddrive. but idk ppl say i should juzt get a macbook pro. but hp never did me wrong.... i juzt wanted to see how some felt about the envy 14 before i made my final choice being im not to computer wise n money is not a problem at the moment sry for babaling on. n thanks 4 replying

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