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Thread: Tech N9ne's 'Seepage' EP Makes's Top 40 Albums Of 2010

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    Tech N9ne's 'Seepage' EP Makes's Top 40 Albums Of 2010

    Tech N9ne's dark and twisted <em>Seepage EP</em> recently found itself on <em>'s</em> list of the 40 best albums of 2010. Here's what the website had to say:

    <em>Sometimes great things are born out of tragedy. The same can be said about Tech N9ne's Sophomore EP,</em> <em>Seepage</em><em>. After learning the news that his mother had been institutionalized again and witnessing his best friend break down over the death of a loved one, Tech N9ne looked to his IPOD for solace. During that time is when he came across all of the beats used in</em> <em>Seepage</em><em>. The emotionally charged EP features five tracks and one skit and is broken up into three sections: Anger, Madness and The Hole with Tech N9ne pouring his heart out in each one. The album paints a picture filled with hurt, questions of God and the supernatural so close to Tech N9ne's heart that he refuses to talk to the press about the album. This is one of the realest releases of 2010.</em>

    "One of the realest releases of 2010?! Not bad for an EP! Other albums included on the list were Kanye West's <em>Dinner and a Movie</em>.

    Click here to read the full feature.

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    It should've been #1. Kanye West is garbage, and so is Rick Ross.

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    Shit was too hard

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