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Thread: Tech N9ne's 'Million Dollar Indie Business Plan'

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    Tech N9ne's 'Million Dollar Indie Business Plan'

    As more and more industry insiders take notice of Strange Music's campaign on the independent scene ,indie artists and even the majors are being advised to follow suit. Ty Cohen of <em></em> has even cited Tech N9ne in a recent article on achieving success as an indie artists. The music business analyst admits to having overlooked Tech N9ne, but came across his unique climb to the top when readers emailed him. The post takes a look back at a 2009 <em>Billboard Magazine</em> feature on Strange Music's business plan.

    The encouraging and informative post is an excellent read for all indie artists and fans alike. Click for the full feature.

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    good post, misleading as in is it Tech's plan? Umm, did he invest that much in his "independent label"? Only thing I can think of.

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    Nice Post I enjoyed reading it.

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