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Thread: Most Slept on Tech N9ne song of all time.

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    Most Slept on Tech N9ne song of all time.

    Tech N9ne is my favorite rapper. I'm very familiar with his entire catalog. Im gonna say in my opinion the most slept on song in his catalog is "Running Out Of Time" off Everready. Everready is one of my favorite albums and this song has been incredibly looked over. What you think?


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    I agree with you JL Everready is definitely my favorite Tech album asides from Anghellic

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    I would say "Too much". His delivery was flawless and the epic build of the beat should have that considered as a song for a first time listener...Youll either be mind blown or find some way to hate on it!

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    009na. Great beat; great flow.

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    Running Out Of Time is definitely one of them. Too many underrated tracks to list. Here's one that sticks out to me.

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    ^^^ Far Away is overlooked! I was just playin it earlier today.

    Also CURSED and Going Bad off Anghellic is extremely underrated.

    Most of his Sampler stuff was dope to...We Do It Right, Insatiable.

    I thought The Celcius album was underrated.

    Bonus songs to like I Need a Drink.

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    I think This Is Me is very overlooked and definitely one of his best songs

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    That's one of my personal favorites.

    Here's a few tracks I think are overlooked:


    The Martini

    Need More Angels

    One Good Time

    Happy Ending

    I Love You But Fuck You

    I think The Lost Scripts Of K.O.D. is an overlooked project. Every song is great.

    Quote Originally Posted by Swan
    009na. Great beat; great flow.

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    Def some good ones posted, I gotta go wit Overwhelming deep and powerful

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    In my head, I never understood why it didn't make it on to everready.

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