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Thread: Contacting Strange

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    Contacting Strange

    Anybody know how to talk to a representative for SM? I"m really tired of beatin around the bush. I been rappin and producin beats for 8 years now and i believe I'm ready. check out my music if you don't think so. it's past due. i'm tired of workin my ass off and not gettin recognized for it. some of these tracks aren't finished yet but they're pretty serious

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    I remember you. You are not ready, based off these songs.

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    That shit is legit and hella good beats too.....but wouldnt fit in with Strange Music.Its just not Strange enough.Yadadamean????

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    I'm a representative of SM

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    that was wack, especially the first one

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    Oh man! Okay... The Glass One is DOPE AS @*#%#... I could kill that beat... Tech could kil

    l that too though it might come out a bit sad though as of late, I'd hope he'd do it hard though :P He's dealin with that KOD shit.

    "I'm makin moves stayin in grooves in tune
    Allude to those producin music
    Ain't true
    We ride on em with our crews
    Total immunity
    Like we're diplomats with our flows
    Dip get low with materials
    I hit it with specifics to riffs
    Till I hit a reef
    Then go totally outta control
    What's that ya know this ain't passable like a kid who wrote some trash for school
    I'm takin my stance Balrog in the street or in the doom
    And I smash the tools after I use em get em to a new place
    So when I hit this track I'm bringin some true weight

    Heavy in the game not namin names
    Stayin the same in the fame
    Cause the game is full of imitators
    That's okay but they doin it fake
    So we gotta raise up show em the way
    And blaze this place
    Keep it legit I spray from the hip only hop when I dodge
    Some trick who thought they had me slipped
    But I don't lose grip savy and push the limits
    You can skim through this everything I do
    I'm milkin it all for it all modestly
    Not quite a mouse but to be honest
    None of it overpowers me

    Astounding steez the principles deeply rooted
    Sampled this game with my brain in music
    And from institutions make plans
    Write what it spans and land
    With some truth and movement
    I'm doin it you do what you do
    I'm killin it & if you ain't feelin it
    We break away cause it means nothing to us
    Break me down to my attitude
    Get attacked though I give you room
    At any latitude like it's a map
    And I know a death touch
    Not frontin on anyone
    But I'm facing the front
    And this has only (just) begun"

    Just wrote that to They Love Me's beat, I dunno... I got like... I been holding back my rappin and it just kinda builds up on me lol

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    Umm, you can use those verses, anyone can, I don't care, just had urge to write.

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    shit is wack get a new hobby

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    hey whats up im not gonna get on here and say your dope and wack basically heres the answer you want to attn the demo dept and send it to

    PO Box 1114
    Blue Springs, MO 64013
    Good luck

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    I'm not sure mate, the delivery needs some more work... also if you wanna show off how good you are, your tracks need to me mastered properly, in other words, sound professional. I could make something like this.

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