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    Whoop Whoop

    Woop Woop

    Woope Woope!

    A select few members of TRTN have studied Juggalos and, today, we are proud to reveal our findings.

    (Brought to you by TK, Siikez, Joey, Mr. Honeynut Cheerioz, Dukecityspecialist)

    • To join the juggalos you must kill someone with a hatchet, but the hatchet is not provided until you join.
    • Face paint is discounted for juggalos, and not provided freely
    • Juggalos are, infact, a band.
    • The hatchetman is chasing someone, and not running as believed by many.
    • Faygo has a silent Y
    • Juggalos arent mainstream
    • Juggalos are a gang
    • Juggalos have axe-wielding hoes, who are milfs.
    • bigger hatchets are provided by killing more mainstreamers
    • psychopathic records will sign tech nine
    • Juggalos live for ever
    • They are new and that is why they lack MTV exposure.
    • tech nine is a juggalo
    • and so is A-Mac

    Unanswered questions:

    • How does a juggalo propose?
    • Can a juggalo wield 2 hatchets?
    • How often can a jugglo upgrade his/her weapon?

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    Senior Member TK_Saints's Avatar
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    You forgot that Tech N9ne is a juggaloe

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    Senior Member Siikez's Avatar
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    Nov 2009

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    Senior Member TK_Saints's Avatar
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    ...and that they are new because they aren't on bet or mtv yet

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    Senior Member TK_Saints's Avatar
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    Dec 2009

    Ohh , I just found out ICP is kinky because the spray the crowd with faggo and get everyone wet and sticky.

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    Senior Member Insane1's Avatar
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    Senior Member MacThunder's Avatar
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    LMAO wow...

    Really went all out now didn't we haha?

    Let's just start a soap opera called The Days Of Our Chat!

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    wow tech nine? your really gonna type it like that. damn kid, and i like juggalos

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