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Thread: Rittz and Z-Ro ???

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    Rittz and Z-Ro ???

    sorry if its misleading. but does anyone else think it would be a dope fuckin track?

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    DOPE!! Great call!

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    Itd be one of the dopest song to come out in a while I think haha

    Quote Originally Posted by Kentucky Boi

    DOPE!! Great call!

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    Hell fucking yeah zro goes hard and so does rittz itll be a great collabo

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    Perfect blend. Call My Phone by Z-Ro is a ic.
    Matterfact this is such a perfect match I don't know if I could think of a better pair off top.
    Both from the south. Both rappers talk about more than just weed n blow. These dudes both be rappin bout H,Meth ect all the other shit most rappers don't rap about.
    They both have a very clear but quick delivery.
    I'd love to hear Z-Ro and Rittz do a track together.

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    Def a perfect match

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    Sadly they both must hate twitter cus I've been tryin my ass off to get them to link up, and ain't heard shit lol

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    not just dope but a masterpiece....Z-Ro is one of my top 10 favorite Emcee's.....He has dropped so many ic Albums....King Of The Ghetto, ZRo Vs The World, Screwed Up Click Representa, Let The Truth Be Told, Crack, Cocaine, etc....he is to me the best emcee in the south and to hook up with Rittz? Ah shit that be dope....ZRo can spit and sing, so we know ZRo would not only spit some good bars but would add a great hook as well....I would petition for this colab all day!

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