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Thread: *Free Download* Seth Rock - Old 1's

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    *Free Download* Seth Rock - Old 1's

    <img ="align-full" width="400" src=""/>

    Seth Rock
    Old 1's for more music.

    1. Rap By Numbers - Seth Rock
    (Produced by Anno Domini)
    2. I'm Ill Remix - Seth Rock, Cryptic Wisdom &amp; Enygma
    3. Hip Hop - Seth Rock &amp; Cryptic Wisdom
    (Produced by Anno Domini)
    4. Rockin Spots - Haylon, MAC, PC &amp; Seth Rock
    5. Industry Payback - Seth Rock, SwizZz, Cryptic Wisdom &amp; Hopsin
    (Produced by Hopsin)
    6. Fuck You Remix - Seth Rock &amp; Cee Lo Green
    7. Women Lie Men Lie Remix - Yung Rob, Seth Rock &amp; Chasta
    8. Devil In Disguise - Cryptic Wisdom &amp; Seth Rock
    (Produced by Life &amp; Death)
    9. I'm Right Here - Seth Rock, MAC &amp; PC
    10. Invincible - Halfbreed, Seth Rock, Dubbs &amp; Kashar
    (Produced by Exile)
    11. Undisputed - Cardiac &amp; Seth Rock
    (Produced by VTZ)
    12. What Do You Want - Grewsum &amp; Seth Rock
    (Produced by 2 Deep)
    13. Nightmare - Seth Rock
    (Produced by Hopsin)
    14. Ease Your Pain - Seth Rock &amp; Yung Rob
    (Produced by Sinima)
    15. Motivated - T Pain &amp; Seth Rock
    (Produced by Young Fyre)
    16. Thank You - Seth Rock

    If you like or hate it please leave some feedback


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    hey, thanks for the download. i was going to listen and give input but i downloaded it wrong the first time i'll get back at you.

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