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Thread: Favorite Hopsin Song? [RAW]

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    Favorite Hopsin Song? [RAW]

    What is/are your favorite song(s) off of RAW? Personally, I think that the whole album is fuckin' dope. But my top 3 are Nocturnal Rainbows, You Are My Enemy, and I'm Not Introducing You.

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    I'm not Introducing You, Sag My Pants, Nocturnal Rainbows & Kill Her

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    I love kill her and how you like me now

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    i am raw

    heather nicole

    nocturnal rainbows

    pillow man

    blood energy potion

    im not introducing you

    those are all tied for top prolly haha..

    every song is great.

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    Senior Member Jared M's Avatar
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    its a tie for me between nocturnal rainbows and sag my pants

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    Sag My Pants and I'm not crazy.

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    nocturnial rainbows & how you like me now.

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