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Thread: I need help on bad season

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    I need help on bad season

    i dont know if someone made a thread about thiz already.but i cant get bad season on windows media it made that really bad wit computers so can someone help a brotha out.

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    good lookin out man.
    Quote Originally Posted by joe
    go to and download the free version. when it gets installed- open it back up and use the evaluation version.
    when u go to download bad season- save it instead of run it. know where u save it at.
    go into that file and right click- say OPEN WITH WINZIP.
    itll send it to winzip. highlight all the songs.
    click "ONE CLICK UNZIP" and itll hit em all and make em mp3's.
    right click on the same ones that are highlighted still and ADD TO WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER LIST
    go to WMP and the songs should be on the playlist on the right.
    add those to their own playlist named bad season or something. now u can listen on windows and burn em.
    looks like a lot of steps n shit but it doesnt take more than 2 minutes to do all that. im not a whiz either but thats what ive been doin since sickology 101 came out

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