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Thread: Best TRTN Thread 2010

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    Best TRTN Thread 2010

    Here it is, the end of 2010 and we've had some good posts this year. Its hard to choose which thread deserves the title "best of 2010" but its time to shine light on all the epic topics, arguments and goofy videos

    Post your vote for the best, most funny, timeless thread posted 2010 on TRTN

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    Jan 2010

    Douchebag Of The Year thread by Siikez

    anything that was made by Reelshit

    Gif War thread made by Boosie (was that made 2010?)

    The many Juggalo/ICP threads after the Gathering incidents

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    Any threads by me, take your pick.

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    Douchbag of the year

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    Personally I thought the "4 Bar Weapons Clash" thread was fucking great. Then I'd have to go with the "Douchebag Of The Year" as runner up for obvious and hilarious reasons.

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    I've only been on this site for a little while but...

    Which Collabos album is the best?/Misery Loves Kompany, Sickology 101, or The Gates Mixed Plate????????

    Best 2010 Release

    What is Everyones Tech Theme Song

    Next tour 9 songs you want Tech to perform.

    What are you listening to RIGHT now??
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    the fuck you thread

    chat with strangers

    anything POC related

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    these and four bar clash, it was dope!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy Zakrajsek

    the fuck you thread

    chat with strangers

    anything POC related

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    you sir, are the shittiest troll on the face of the planet.

    you can't even come up with your own way to type.

    you suck foo. ):

    Quote Originally Posted by Space Ranger


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    Douchebag Of The Year

    What are you listening to RIGHT now ?

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