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Thread: Vintage Tech II (Future Looking Dim)

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    Vintage Tech II (Future Looking Dim)

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    Tech N9ne Vintage Tech II has officially been completed and is actively circling the web...You can view/download at:


    ...or if you're not very computer savvy (Can't figure out MediaFire or Datpiff?), just shoot me an email requesting the tracks.


    Official Tracklist:

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    1.- Jackin' 2k (DJ Fresh Mix)2.- Get Your Shoes On3.- Big Bad Wolf4.- Breathe Again (Ain't No Killa)5.- Let's Get Krunked Up (Radio Edit)6.- Monstrosity (Unfinished Track)7 -.Let's Ride8.- Biank Zone 29.- Hellbound10.- Sometimes11.- The Virus12.- This Ain't Yo Genre (In-Studio With Poe Whosaine)13.- DJ Hank's Mix14. -Kansas City King15.- Phone Tap Free16.- Turn17.- That's Don Juan (Live)18.- Ways Of The World19.- Wake Up Show Intro (Feat. Jay-Z)20.- Wake Up Show Frees 1, 2 321.- I Can Get Grim (Nnutthowze)22.- Welcome To My Assylum (Nnutthowze)


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    I forgot about Ways Of The World, It Gets Rough, Saute & Get Your Shoes On...they will definitely make the list.

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    Vintage Tech II: Nnutthowze... all they got to do is get with Icy Rock and they would have an album worth of music from the Nnutthowze days. Tech just doesn't want to release that old stuff.

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    earthquake is such a dope song

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    woah, didnt know there was a third wake up show free he did

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    Sure was...

    Quote Originally Posted by Gavyn Gunn

    woah, didnt know there was a third wake up show free he did

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    I don't want features on there...

    Quote Originally Posted by Prospekt

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    The mixtape has officially been completed. The back cover is fairly sloppy due to rushing it, but it's cool. I got it up on mediafire right now: Feel free to download it. I'm trying to get it on datpiff. And for those of you who haven't ever downloaded a mixtape before and are a bit confused. I'm uploading it on youtube for you. Uploading right now...

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