well I just got the new shit and i gotta say i only listened to it once. I never give a review (to myself or anyone else) until I listen a few times. I just had to post now though. It is awesome. I'm so glad you didn't kick this one to the curb. Who cares if some uppity ppl didn't get a joke form guy they never heard of. The truth is you don't really need fans that flip out at every little thing that gets said. This is a free country. ppl can say whatever they want. If they care about what ppl think they can just say sorry and shit. As far as this tape goes, it is nice. All the reg. crew is on the tracks, and yet it sounds fresh. able and chest is the shit. It DID bring me back to 6th grade dog. fucking nice! What's next? 6's and 7's? Lil wayne going to be on that one? You coming back to CT or MA anytime soon? I'll bring some of that AK47 you smelled at the GOTJ '09 while u were in the autograph tent. that was me. the whole table erupted. can't wait to get this to the van and shake the snow off while I bring the boys to the bus stop. Whoop Whoop Tech n999999999ne.