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Thread: Cognito - I'm So High (Part 1)

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    Cognito - I'm So High (Part 1)

    A bunch of people have been hitting Cog up asking why "I'm So High" on Automatic had "Part 2" in the title. Part 1 was on Cog album "Master P Presents: Cognito Recognition". Here's a link to Part 1:

    Random fact about Part 2 - 100 Proof (producer who made the beat for both songs) flew to Kansas City to make the second track (using the same instruments as the first one) to make the new beat. This was at the same time Tech and Cog were recording Born 2 Be Fly, and Makzilla was recording the Joey Rosano. 100 Proof also made the Italian background music for the skits during that same time.

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    i already knew about part 1 n shit but that random fact is pretty cool

    i still think joey rosano is the BEST skits ever


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