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Thread: Songs with Bass?

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    Songs with Bass?

    I'm looking for some good Strange Music or underground songs that have a lot of bass for my car's subwoofers? Here are some that I already have that are great...

    Calm Down - Kutt Calhoun

    Goin Down - Stevie Stone

    Rock Yo Head - Tech N9ne

    Strange March - Mayday

    Won't You Come Dirty - Tech N9ne

    Crazy - Rittz

    He's A Mental Giant - Tech N9ne

    Bout A Dolla - The O' My's

    Any more would be a HUGE help, thanks!!!

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    Jan 2012

    Can't Be The Only One by Krizz Kaliko is another good one

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    umm kutt calhoun colors, gangsta shap, DELUSIONAL, a bunch of shit from krizz's first album. theres so many things that bump. momentum and turn it up from stevie stone, my remedy from stevie stone, 808 bendin from stevie stone

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    Tech's "Nothin" from Sicology is an all time banger! Get Blowed is hard as fuck too if you got that old school shit. But yea those are just 2 randoms that I know slam in my car of the top of my head but there are obviously way more than that Im just too lazy to think about it much more

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    Won't you come dirty isn't 816 boyz but one of my all time favorites for bass is whip it there is also twerk, exclusive, which can all be found on the strictly strange tour album there's also a couple others on there with good bass

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    It's not Strange or underground I don't think but there's a song called X rated by Excision. Hardest hitting song I've played in my car so far. Seven actually sampled an Excision track for Uralya.

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    Rittz - High Five , Blowing My Mind, Walking on air, and Paridise are good songs to bump in the car

    Dom Kennedy - We Ball, Been Thuggin', and Hangin' cool but his whole Yellow Album bumps

    Flatbush ZOMBiES - MRAZ

    I know more but can't remember the rest

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    i think most of stevie stones stuff has good bass but i like New Kid Comin...the entire mixtape has bass

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    I forgot about "nothin" and that's one of my favorite songs. I ment to say Bang Out by 816 boyz but Wont You Come Dirty also has good bass. Cant wait to test some of these songs.

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    Jerreau - Just Like You

    Nuff Said

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