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    Bloody Kutty Cal

    is it just me or does strange seem to be pushing kutt to the back? i mean we all know tech is huge, but it's always kaliko that's right there with him. he is now in the murder dog mag. in the interview with dj whoo kid they keep showing kali. u can see kutt but from what i saw of the interview kutt didnt say anything.

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    Kutt spit 2 verses during the interview, but I see where you're coming from. Its hard to push 3 artists at one though..If Kutt keeps making better music, then the rest will come naturally.

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    yeah i ddnt watch the whole interview. so i wasn't sure if he got involved in any of it or not. but even in the murder dog spread they put scoob in the pic wit tech and krizz

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    Kutt is on the Bad Season "cover" so that's nice.

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