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    To Strange Music

    Hope I got your attention. It seems kind of weird that I'm address this to such a name but here it goes. It's been a long way from the bottom, right? Your finally getting the recognition you deserve. Since "The Calm Before The Storm" look at how your music has progressed and only has it gotten better. But also, look at how you managed to stay well-put through it all. It's a beautiful thing. Since I don't know you personally or let me rephrase it..Since I don't know you at all, I'm basing my judgement off what I've seen through your career. Since the beginning, you were independent. You didn't based anything off anyone else. It was always single-minded. You did everything on your own. You think on your own, you react on your own. Things might have influenced your choices, but it was still you making the final cut. After so many years, you still managed to keep that mentality. You still managed to stay strong through all the pain in your life. The best part is that you aren't doing it alone anymore. You got hundreds of thousands of fans right behind you along with close friends and family. We succeed when you succeed and we suffer when you suffer. Maybe not in the same regions/levels but we can still relate in a way. Point is I worded this way better in my head lol I wish I could remember what I had said but oh well, I think I've done my best at this. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and time to get to where you are right now. Remember, cheap work ain't good, good work ain't cheap. You can look back and see how great your life has gotten. You've got to go through Hell to get to Heaven, right? Sure, it's a painful ride but at least you made it out before the Devil even noticed you were there. <span>This is only the beginning of your career. You got so much more to come. The Industry now wants to see what you're about and you still got the "Fuck crossing over to them, let them cross over to us" mentality. Once again, it's a beautiful thing. LOL CONGRATULATIONS, YOU DESERVED IT. KEEP SHOWING THEM WHAT YOU GOT.

    Give thanks to where it's due. Everyone show love for the Kansas City King, the King Of Darkness, The #1 Independent artist in the world, the man himself, Aaron Dontez Yates. AND DON'T FORGET THE OTHERS SUCH AS SAMUEL WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER WATSON a.k.a. KRIZZ KALIKO, MELVIN CALHOUN, JR a.k.a. KUTT CALHOUN, KEVIN DANELL MANN a.k.a. BROTHA LYNCH HUNG, BIG SCOOB, COGNITO, and JOHNNIE MCKENZIE a.k.a JAY ROCK cuz without them, strange music wouldn't be strange! It'd just be music!

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    What about Prozak and Mike E. Clark

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    >Since "Calm Before The Storm" look at how your music has progressed.

    >Since "Calm Before The Storm"

    >"Calm Before The Storm"

    Ummm DUDE Strange Music didn't release Calm Before The Storm!

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    the message is towards tech n9ne but i didnt wanna just put to tech ya feel?
    and my bad about not including prozak and mike e clark

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    what about probably the biggest thanks there is to give... to TRAVIS O'GUIN!!! I'm sorry, but HE is the reason Strange is where it is today, Tech is only the rapper, yes he makes a lot of HUGE decisions too, but TOG should be the first, if not 2nd person to thank, lol just sayin, otherwise great thanks to a great company

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    what about them?

    Quote Originally Posted by a tie a

    What about Prozak and Mike E. Clark

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