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Strange Music Officially Responds To Recent Lawsuit

Published: March 2, 2011 in Strange Music by

We provide the following statement in order to clarify the facts surrounding certain meritless claims levied by Klosed Kustody Records, LLC with regard to the artist Brandon Evans (Bizzy), as well as the rumors which have resulted.

First and foremost, please know that we intend to address these claims through all appropriate legal channels and are confident that we will prevail.

Strange Music and Tech N9ne have always enjoyed giving local artists features, when possible, on projects that we produce. It’s seen as a chance to shine the spotlight on these other artists – artists who might not see attention of this scale otherwise. It’s also a chance for those artists to get their names on projects that are seen and heard nationally and, often times, internationally. Tech N9ne first reached out to Bizzy regarding a potential opportunity to be featured on one of his songs, based upon seeing him perform in Kansas, opening for Krizz Kaliko (another Strange Music artist).

As with all our projects, Strange Music ensures that any featured artist, including Bizzy, reads and executes the necessary legal paperwork authorizing the artist to come to the studio to perform their featured vocal. Additionally, all of the featured performers from all of our projects who are due mechanical royalties from their songwriting contributions, are paid in a timely manner and will continue to be paid the monies owed to them according to the bi-annual schedule of processing we strictly abide by.

Finally, Strange Music does not interfere nor does it have any intention of interfering with any agreements between artists and record labels. Strange Music is currently under a signing freeze that will last for the next 18 months so that we can focus on the projects we currently have working, as well as the deals that are currently being negotiated.

  • Nor_calninja

    money sux , hope everything works out………=]

  • Flash Noise Media

    I think one thing that people, who have gotten into Bizzy’s music recently, would like to know is if Bizzy has anything to do with the suit besides the fact that his feature is the basis of the lawsuit. I like Bizzy ever since I heard him on “Gates” and I would hate to seem him gain a bad reputation for something that was strictly “Label Driven”.

  • TopCityHawg

    From what I understand this is all that nigga Dank’s fault who’s Bizzy’s manager. Bizzy has nothing to do with this. Surely he couldn’t be as dumb as this ex-con nigga that claims that he’s some sort of legit businessman.

  • So is Bizzy’s records label pissed that yall payin him direct for a feature and they don’t get a cut?? and since hes “their” artist they feel entitled to something they had shit to do with? wanna look more into the case but sounds like a record label fears their artist could get jacked by Strange…after all Strange ain’t goin mainstream…mainstream is goin STRANGE!!!!

  • Djyoungtree

    I am DJ Youngtree, co-host of the Morning Madness Live TV show based out of Topeka. We have played music by Strange, Klosed Kustody and Bizzy in the past. We invite all parties involved to appear on the show. Peace!

  • Genelgnd

    I like the response people just gonna have to wait and see how everything falls.

  • That’s what’s up. FUCK Klosed Kustody, why they bitchin? Jealousy is ugly.

  • Wickedn9nja6

    fuck tha mainstream dont you reamber F.T.I. fuck mainstreame DONT SELL OUT TECH. Fuck lil wayne and all that puck ass bull shit stay strange MMFWCL

  • None

    Brandon Bizzy Evans
    Some bullshit my old label trana pull to get a fast buck. I Still fuck wit Strange and they fuck wit Bizz. So make it known that Bizz ain’t suein strange. They good peoples!

    from bizzy himself

  • Dixierose_22

    I know bizzy personaly and I know how he is. In the last ten years he’s gon down hill soo far that I’m supprised he’s still alive. It’s sad to see a native Ohioan get like this. I know how broke he is and I’m sorry that he’s resourted to sewing people to get paid. Tech keep doing your thing and don’t worry about the trivial bs that follows him around. You guys are amazing and don’t need to be preyed upon by a disgrunteled drug addict. You guys are the best. Best wishes your fans.

  • Stickygreenmusic

    Shit it is wat it is this is the music game I’m sure knowing my little dude Bizz that he ain’t got nothing to do wit no lawsuit keep urr head up bizz u kno they broke an like to pull u down to the gutter with them u kno I kno own the hole streets 200 thousand out the trunk we ain’t sound scannnn shitzz Bo$$..Plat (Sticky Green Music)

  • None

    Dixierose_22 is retarted, this is bizzy’s old label suing not bizzy, i spoke with bizzy just a few days ago. and he wants to make it known that this suit has nothing to do with him suing strange

  • Dyna

    He should of signed with STREETAINMENT! which allows its artist to be 100% Independent.

  • Dyna

    He should of signed with STREETAINMENT! which allows its artist to be 100% Independent.

  • Ziggyzack06

    Haha you got the wrong Bizzy! 785 Topeka, Kansas


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