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Krizz Kaliko’s ‘Kushy’ 4/20 [Social]

Published: April 20, 2011 in Krizz Kaliko by

For the herbal enthusiasts of the world, there is nothing like 4/20. A day to kick back and enjoy the greener things in life with the rest of the world. Not one to miss out, Kaliko awoke early on this particular day and wished his fans a Happy 4/20. Facing a bit of peer pressure, Kaliko admitted to joining in on the festivities, but only on certain occasions. His choice of green? None other than the Purple Kush strain. While he revealed that he only enjoyed it in small quantities, he made it clear that his tourmates made him wish we has smoking right then and there. Fans may not think of Kali as a big smoker, but he did have a pretty high experience in Denmark last year. Just a small reminder that every now and then, Kali sparks up more than just the stage.

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How are you celebrating this 4/20? Let us know in the comments section below!


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