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Lynch To Collab With Liquid Assassin [Social]

Published: May 27, 2011 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

As two of the sickest independent MCs today, Brotha Lynch Hung and Liquid Assassin have a lot in common. Both are favorites with Strange Music fans, and they share a love for the darker side of music. Recently, the two traded tweets indicating the possibility of a collaboration. Fans may remember Liquid Assassin from his memorable appearance on Tech N9ne’s “Psycho Bitch II” from Killer. With his trademark speedy delivery, Liquid Assassin would present Brotha Lynch Hung with a good challenge. No doubt, the two MCs are bound to create a classic.

Follow Brotha Lynch Hung on his official Twitter.

How do you feel about a Brotha Lynch Hung and Liquid Assassin collab? Leave your thoughts below!


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