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‘We’ve Landed’- Fans Flood In Support Of ‘Slave’ [Social]

Published: October 29, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne - Welcome To StrangelandJust as Welcome To Strangeland gets closer to release, surprised fans by premiering “Slave”, a brand new collaboration from Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, and Kutt Calhoun.

The soulful new track draws inspiration from slave hymns of the past and give Welcome To Strangeland a very touching single. It didn’t take long for news to spread as fans began leaving comments on at an impressive rate. The buzz didn’t end there as fans also hit Twitter to share their thoughts on the brand new track. With less than two weeks left until the release of Welcome To Strangeland, the anticipation is building to unprecedented levels.

Check out some of the comments on

“WOW!!! Strange is MURDERING everyone in the GAME!”

“TECH N9NE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is fire,this gonn be the longest 11 days”

“CANT FUCKING WAIT!!…longest days of my life!!”

“LOVE IT! He really does work his ass off! Idk how Tech, Kutt and Kali do so much work at the quality they bring it! truly amazing!! can’t wait for welcome to strangeland to drop!”

“dwamn! thanks for this, thanks for everything!. everyone in strange music; this one got me thinkin right here, -speechless- but what ican say is that forever iwill support strange music, in life & in death baby *&%&*&)^!”

“I don’t think I believe my ears. Can anyone say Modern Day Slave Hymn? I can feel Mr. Samuel Watson’s influence all over this. Absolutely beautiful music. That hook is hypnotic. Kutt, I love you’re delivery and flow. By the way Tech, you’re not 3 dimensional… You’re fucking straight up in the 4th dimension!”

“damn man how does tech keep getting better?! I thought All 6′s and 7′s was good but the few tracks that I’ve heard from Strangeland blow it away! no disrespect though. TECH N9NE!!”

“damn…. that shit is dope. im gonna listen to it like 20 more times”

“vicious. all 3 of you guys frikin killed that shit! thats some deep shit too. recorded all 6s and 7s, toured, came straight back to record welcome to strangeland then toured again. all that work would make anyone tired. but i was at shows for both those tours, and i preordered both those albums and you do what you do the best of anyone ive seen tech. if you take a break your true technicians aint goin nowhere!”

“WOW. . .Tech and the crew truly are GODS!!!! . . . . If your not on Tech N9ne, your not on HIP HOP OR MUSIC!”

“yoooo this is tooo Strange!!! ahhhhh nobody can beat Strange in making music not to mention how deep this song is! Dwam!!!”

“True innovation straight out of the Strange Music camp. With each new single I hear, WTSL is turning out to be a true work of art! Everybody on this song went H.A.M. on their verse, especially Tech N9ne. Not often do you get to hear a melody break down from him as we all did today. He pulled it off pretty well I might add.”

“SO HAPPY that you gave this to us 🙂 ONE OF MY VERY FAVORITES!! you, Krizz an Kutt are at your best an killed this song!!! all day, the best.”


“TRUE MUSIC!! Tech has done it once again! I got this and Unfair on repeat for days, I cant wait for the album to drop!!!!!!”

Twitter reactions:

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  • Anonymous

    It’s a fucking invasion!

  • NJTechnician9

    New song is another hit as is Every Song!!! Never ever puts out a wack song!!! Tech N9NE!!!!!!!! And I LOVE that everywhere I go more and more people know who Tech is!!! Greatest Rapper Ever!!!

  • J-Ryda (Sikk House Records)

    i had the pleasure and honor of opening for who i believe is the absolute best lyricist and performer in this business on his All 6’s &7’s tour in july, Tech N9ne has been and will be until his dying day. it’s about time you stopped sleepin on him! i’ve been listening to him for over a decade and he’s never disappointed and has always delivered. STRAAAAAAAANGE!!  MUSIC! ALL LOVE AND RESPECT!   


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