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SM Live Episode 48 Featuring CES Cru

Published: January 23, 2012 in CES Cru, Strange Music by

SM Live - MakzillaSM LIVE kept the ball rolling for 2012 with episode 48, featuring the newly-signed Kansas City duo CES Cru.

Travis O’Guin, CEO of Strange Music himself came in to join the proceedings for a few moments during discussion of one of the day’s most off-the-wall news topics. Needless to say O’Guin was shocked at what he was hearing.

Makzilla also interviewed CES Cru to get their plans for the future now that they are signed to Strange Music. CES Cru assured the live audience that they are committed to making the best music they’ve ever made now that they’re with the Kansas City label.

The topic of bullying continued from the previous episode with the added input of CES Cru, most notably Godemis, who cites that kids need to learn that sometimes bullying is a fact of life and stresses the need for thicker skin amongst the youth. The serious topic, which has led kids to violence in and outside of school, gets a serious address from the panel on SM Live.

It was a deep and thought-provoking episode of SM Live that no one should miss.



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