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‘Don’t Miss Out’ – Sid Wilson Of Slipknot Talks Prozak And ‘Paranormal’ [Video]

Published: April 13, 2012 in Prozak by

Sid Wilson On Prozak And "Paranormal"

Prozak’s Paranormal is pairing the Hitchcock of Hip Hop with some unbelievable guests, but perhaps none is more surprising than Sid Wilson of Slipknot.

Appearing with Prozak on “The End Of Us”, Sid Wilson’s guest spot has fans all over the web buzzing as they anticipate Prozak’s latest release. In this exclusive clip, Sid Wilson praises Prozak’s efforts as an artist and even Strange Music’s rebellious indie attitude.

Watch the one and only Sid Wilson of Slipknot speak on Paranormal and be sure to pre-order your own copy today!


Click here to pre-order Paranormal.

Prozak - "Paranormal"

  • What do you think about Sid Wilson’s comments?
  • Are you a Slipknot fan?

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