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WATCH: Godemis Of CES Cru KILLS Old School Lynch Verse

Published: August 28, 2012 in Brotha Lynch Hung, CES Cru by

Godemis Spits Lynch Verse

Godemis is no stranger to Brotha Lynch Hung. As a self-confessed fan and studier of the Coathanga Strangla, he’s got Lynch bars on lock as much as anybody could who’s not named Brotha Lynch Hung.

Check out this verse that Godemis spits from “Die” off of the classic Lynch record Loaded if you need proof.

Taken from their UStream broadcast to commemorate the release of 13, Godemis shows off how he can keep up with the best of the best.



CES Cru - 13

  • How do you think Godemis did?
  • Would you like to see another Lynch and CES Cru collab?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

  • Flix

    Another CES Cru and Lynch collab!

  • lolatthisshit

    that was fucking terrible lol

  • @lolatthisshit thats old school lynch without the beat sickest shit he ever did was with sicmade music

  • Slider

    UBI looks hi as fuk! hahaha

  • Hammer

    Nothing special, thats fuckin CAKE, why is there even a headline about it? They got talent but this expresses it in no way shape or form!

  • would love to hear more & more from Ces Cru & Lynch! Die 1 by 1 is one of my favorite Lynch tracks that Evil Dead sample in the hook is so wicked! Ces Cru & Lynch i think r the best artists Strange music has signed without a doubt Lynch still keepin it Sicc but also he seems to have evolved into an even better MC as time went on and Ces Cru i just started listenin to em but Dam!!! foos got flows for days months and years these mothafucks r real MCs!!!

  • Honest Fan

    He picked a good verse to read but the delivery was terrible. When you read a verse like that you gotta have DA SICCNESS flowing through your veins! or it’s all for nothing. That other dude in the video rockin–out would of have better delivery with that verse.

  • Hahahah “Dont fuckin test me”


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