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Something Else Tour 2013: Fans Share Their Favorite Live Tech N9ne Songs!

Published: September 5, 2013 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Live Songs

The Something Else Tour 2013 is officially underway, and Technicians across the country will soon be witnessing – whether for the first time or the trillionth time – the greatest live show in hip hop.

With that in mind, we took to Facebook to ask you guys what your favorite live Tech N9ne songs are, and the answers were varied to say the least. While long-time favorites like “This Ring” and “Einstein” dominated the thread, there are some new contenders as well!

Check out some of our favorite responses below, and make sure to get your VIP packages and tickets to the Something Else Tour 2013 before it’s too late!!!


VIP Packages

  • What’s YOUR favorite live Tech N9ne song?
  • Which new tracks do you hope to see on this tour?
  • Which show are you attending?

Get at us in the comment section below!

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  • Scotty2Ballz

    Welcome to the Midwest. Tech and Kaliko spittin’ back and forth is dope to watch.

  • Nathan Miller

    Tech! Can’t wait to see you in AZ!! I heard th showtime or place got moved?

  • CZ

    Tech wen u come to Cleveland please perform
    ABSOLUTE POWER, & it would of been So Dope if you had KMK touring wit you, so yall could have done City 2 City..Dat old skool riot maker classics

  • jamal jones

    yo tech when u gon get some strange music in Dubai

  • Anthony Watts

    For me it was on the fire n ice tour when u came to farmington, nm. I had the black n red bandana. N when u sang “Caribou Lou” and u came to where I was standin with my sister n brother n u poured it on us. Hahaha shit was dope! And that was the night I had talked to kaliko before the show started about gettin my Murder Dog copy ov u on the cover autographed. N even if I was fukkin hella faded. I was able to walk pass security n found kaliko n got me ur autograph. That was a night I will never forget. Because shortly after my lil brother passed away. But the times we had are forever. And I will always be a Technician n have been a JUGGALO. BUT BLESSINGS TO U KEEP DOIN WHAT U DO. WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!

  • Callum Byrnes-Krickl

    Tech! Come to Australia so I can see you live for the first time!!! Also, a Meet & Greet would be a nice addition, haha.

  • kacey

    Tech Nine is the shiet LuV yA ! Love his dance routines and his ill lyrics ohh yeah Kc roll… Got me in a hype when I seen you here in Calgary you blew me a kiss last year kacey_wolfe2006@hotmail.com

  • Smiley Lopez

    Do some shows more in Texas,seen you on your last v.i.p tour in okc i was the one with the necronamicon book and the shrunken head necklace that you signed,i didnt get the chance to let you know that your music helped get me through alot last year when i lost my newborn son..hopefully ill see you again live this tour..keep doin what you do bro would be good to hear from you tho thank you

  • Josh Yates

    I love how hype you get performing the track Colorado. But my favorite tracks off the new album are So Dope, See Me, and Fragile. Yeah Buddy! From a Yates to a Yates, love ya brother, good luck on tour.

  • Bobby Marquez

    Livin like I’m dying tomorrow…….breathe….party2k….F.A.N.S IS WHAT WE WANNA HEAR LIVE US TECHNICIANS ARE FOREVER ACCEPTING N9NES SOUL see u in San Diego

  • BigDrewEnt

    Tech N9NE is 1 of my HUGEST inspirations for my music. I’ve listened to his song “This Ring” from his Anghellic album and I’ve been a big fan since. Bought all his albums since that day and tbh, he’s probably the only Artist outside of Mainstream that I actually buy cds from. I barely buy mainstream music as it is cuz it gets repetitive but Texh always be giving out stuff I actually love to hear. Not trynna sound like I’m blowing him lol but I’m sure a lot of tech n9ne fans would agree with me. Wish I could get a chance to collab with greatness. Texh N9NE Ft. Big Drew…..that would be an Instant Killer song 😀

  • BigDrewEnt


  • Jordan Rohrer

    Cant wait for strange to come to indy wish rittz was with yall but bring it on im ready tech

  • NiccSicc

    I am a fellow Kansas Citian who is a HUGE Tech fan. Keep doing it big Tech! But I have to wonder, Mr. Yates, are you ever gonna use your fame and fortune to do something positive in your home town?? We’ve had ur back since Black Mafia and 57 RDV. My lil man can rap “Table and Chest Stress” by memory. What concerns me, is while he is inspired by your lyrical style, I also want him to be inspired by a positive member of the community he is growing up in. Our kids are killing each other, Tech. But I know many of them admire the status you have achieved. I’m waiting to see something beyond the cd signings… Continue to be the lyrical genius you are, but think about the kids that are here where your from who are living thru even worse scenarios then you did. Come talk to them. Give them hope that they can be more than drug dealers and street hustlers if they work hard and stay focused on their dreams like you have. nlward_afc@yahoo.com #AdvocateForChange

  • Vic Sandoval
  • Repo Maniac
  • kevin

    My favorite Tech song is Trapped in a Psycho’s body off the Absolute Power album. I’ve had psycho as my nickname since I was 3yrs old and I can relate a lot to that song.

    I hope to see ALL the new tracks on this tour!

    This is going to be my FIRST CONCERT EVER!!! And I’m PROUD to say its going to be Tech N9ne!!!! Ima see you at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas baby!! Got the v.I.p. package and my face WILL be painted. Awhoo!! Awhoo!! Awhoo!!

  • Caleb Spinks


  • Tiffany Spencer

    Tech!! I am sooo looking forward to you coming back to cleveland! My first Tech show was the best time of my life and the second one will be even better. Your new album is amazing and i truely relate to fortune forcefield <3 This album actually got my boyfriend to listen to you and like you. Thank you so much for everything youve done and please keep making music until the day you cant speak anymore. Your a legend! Technician for 6 years strong and counting. Love you much!

  • noah

    please please please do party like a rock star remix or this ring. or be warned. really wanna hear these tech! going to one of the shows in ohio!

  • YungRevolution*724*

    I may not be you’re biggest fan, but I love you and your music. I don’t get star-struck, but I know I would be if I met you. Your music puts me in another world and I have so much respect for you that I’m not sure how to explain it. 🙂 Do you 😉 You’ll know who I am when we meet lol

  • TK Taylor Kelly

    My names TK and me n my cousin are huge fans. We used to listen to rock music up until we heard Beast on a video game back in like 5-6th grade. We loved it and searched some stuff on youtube and not only did it convert us to rap music, but youve been our favorite artist ever since. Havent had the pleasure of hearing any songs live YET, but we purchased tickets to Rock the Bells in DC when we saw your name on the line up as well as VIP tickets for the Something Else Tour when it comes to the Fillmore in Detroit. Love a lot of songs and I made a Tech N9ne Top 99 for us to listen to the whole way to DC. A lot of favorites like Fragile, Riot Maker, The Need, Gangsta Shap, What We Are, Bang Out, Am I A Psycho, Delusional, FTI, Dysfunctional.. Shit I could go all day but the two songs that I would call favorite not only from you but of all songs are Low and My World. I open my workout with My World every day cause it gets me in my zone. That last verse in my opinion is the most badass verse of all time. I already told all my friends that if you play it I prolly wont come back cause as soon as you say “step into my world and your heart beat stop” then it goes welcome to my world and the beat starts back up.. Ill prolly die right then and there haha. If there’s any way you can work that song or even that final verse into your DC or Fillmore in Detroit set.. You would honestly be a hero. Hope you read this and looking forward to the shows. Thanks for being different and putting out a brand of music I would consider one of the finer things in life. Catch ya later in a little over a month at the Fillmore!

  • Patrick Voss

    Homie! You need to come back to Denmark!! 😉 mad love.

  • Sam ‘wellsford’ Wells

    genuinely one of your biggest fans! I bang strange music all day every day! I’m a white kid from New Zealand but I spit that zest! If you made a song with me you would make one of your biggest fans biggest wishes EVER come true! Either way Imma freestyle to you when I buy a V.I.P ticket for one of your shows in Australia, and show you N.Z got game! (Unless you come to New Zealand, which you definitely should!), Peace and goodluck with your tour! 4Twenty~

  • Griff

    Welcome to the Midwest, Low, Beast. But I’d like to see Twisted, Hunterish, and Now It’s On.

  • MICHAELS HappyCamper

    True Technician’s love’em all!!

  • Rocky Piedra

    I wish I could have success like you. I’ve admired your music for several years.

  • Alex

    I love the hype songs of the show (: But for those chill moments when all Technicians are taking a moment to soak everything in, I’d love to see you do Fragile with MAYDAY. Beautiful track, Tech


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