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Independent Grind Tour Update: Cleveland, Ohio

Published: October 21, 2010 in Strange Music by

After a well-recieved show in Louisville, Kentucky the Independent Grind Tour made a trek up north for a show at Peabody’s in Cleveland, Ohio. According to fans and Big Scoob, the show went well, full the dedicated fanbase that is to be expected with Strange Music. The Independent Grind Tour now rolls on to Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania for a show at Diesel.

Fan Response:

Good show in Cleavland!
Cleveland showed rocked !!!!
amazing fucking concert in cleveland last night….front row, you guys rocked that bitch and it was fucking awesome to meet you guys…♥ you TECH”

Big Scoob:

Cleveland went hard tonite not even hot as usual
CLEVELAND FANS SHOWED A NIGGA LOVE}this mf always B turnt just hot as a sumbitch!!!!!”


Kutt And Fan Joseph Claypool - Independent Grind ClevelandFan Joseph Claypool and Kutt Calhoun

  • we always go hard in Cleveland…Strange Music for Life!!!!

  • Autumn

    the best!!

  • Jcameron92

    The show was SICK! But the venue sucked. There was alot of shoving going on and little security, this one kid had a serious asthma attack and nobody would let him out, so my friend pushed their way through and took the kid outside and then the security that was there wouldnt let my friend get back to his spot saying, “Not my problem.” And this waas during the first song Tech was on stage. And from where he finished watching the show, he couldnt see anything. Like I said, the Strange Team Killed it, but you gotta feel for my pal. It ruined the whole experience.

  • cleveland was full of epic times last night

  • desiree

    maybe he should have went back to he was instead of askin some one wouldnt care… ur friend did it on his pown.. its concert expect to be p ushed around and shit… it was his own fault he lost his spot stop bitchin

  • Jcameron92

    yeah your right he should have let the kid die.

  • Jcameron92

    yeah your right he should have let the kid die.


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