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Independent Grind Tour Update: Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania

Published: October 22, 2010 in Strange Music by

The Independent Grind Tour arrived in Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania for a show at Diesel. As usual the show was rowdy and, as evidenced by their online-response, the fans stayed rowdy the entire time. Next stop is The Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Fan Response:

“@TechN9ne thanks for coming to Pittsburgh last night, keep coming back, fuck the haterz, do what you want to do”
“Thanks for rockin out Pittsburgh last night.
Come back soon Tech
“You were the shit in Cleveland!!
The crowd was fuckin stupid… but it was still a good show!!
“club diesel couldnt have had a better night last night,
the place was going crazy all night . hell of a show for sure . hands down best performer ! keep it up”
“Tech Iz The Shiznit…
He Rocked The fuk Outta Club Diesel In Pittsburgh Last Nite.!!!! {im soo waitin 4 him 2 come bak} ♥”
“techa neena…killed it in Pittsburgh tonight…i got to meet g malone an spit for him…good shit tho the show was sick…
and fuck anyone hatin on you for collabin wit wayne

OG Muggs:

“Show #34 @ Diesel here n Pittsburgh, PA was all the way live jack, ya dig?

  • I wish i coulda made it out 🙁 was at the 1 in lancaster tho in June -Amazing- Next PA show, ull see my ass there!


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