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Big Scoob Speed Painting [Fan Video]

Published: September 1, 2010 in Big Scoob by

Much love to Nduka (Duks) Abii for sending-in this video of him creating an image of Big Scoob on his computer. The speed painting video is timed to an instrumental beat and shows different stages of the progress of the art work. This guy has skills! The video clip itself is something you might see on MTV! Check out the video here or watch below.

Got fan art? Send your fan submissions to fans@strangemusicinc.com.

  • Donellthompson

    how dat hit that fence

  • Donellthompson

    tech n9ne love the music man i am on that shit like i smoke trees every day

  • BEAN

    This is a two parter. MEAT MAN!

  • Scoob is jokes!

  • Dukecityspecialist

    homie is gonna end up killing himself

  • Randy


  • All 3 verses is fucking crazy, but on “In My Dreams” is a WHOLE OTHER SIDE than I have ever experienced with the Big Homie.. It’s just crazy!


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