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"He’s Really Evolved": Seven Details His Working History With Rittz
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  • Anonymous

    MF don’t like Germany it seems: http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af67/cyruz_1/wheremateccaat.png .

    Not like I don’t have those albums and mixtapes yet, just saying. Strange Music. Germany loves ya.

  • swanksta

    Use tor and set it up to use a us ip it’s easy

  • Joe

    make sure u search tech n9ne under artists!!! if u just do a plain search, u get that!

  • Dekai_howell

    ay yo tech im tryin to get with strange music i rap simelar to twiztid and prozak but fast as you i write my own matireial and would like to join the heaven that you got

    hit me back at Dekai_howell@yahoo.com

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, will try.

  • Anonymous

    My screenshot shows I did.

  • If you haven’t tried Guvera yet GO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • guest

    What is the postcode?

  • Guvera ist nur in Australien, Canada und USA verfügbar -.-

  • swag! tech is AMAZING.

  • Fatman285

    Hey man got any material online?

  • Fatman285

    Hey man got any material online?

  • its called an area-code you genius.

  • gotta love da new zion-i & the grouch CD, its freakin great.

  • MAX.

    I would but whenever i try downloading an album “Guvera isn’t available in your country” FUCK YOU ENGLAND.

  • Psyclown

    I would like to hear some of your stuff to… send me a link or something



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