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Drummer Bangs Out Tech Songs on YouTube [Video]

Published: October 31, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

Anyone who knows Tech N9ne knows that he’s all about his fans. From sold-out concerts to VIP meet-and-greets; from mentions on Twitter and Facebook to YouTube videos; it’s clear to see that his fans show Tech love as well. A favorite example of ours is Evan Kraig, a North Dakota-based drummer and Tech N9ne fan who features his own versions of Tech songs on his YouTube channel. Kraig describes his channel, Kraig3, as videos that are “usually off the top of my head grooves that colaborate well with the song”.

Check out the video for his remix of Tech’s song “Blackened the Sun” here or watch it below.

  • Angg420

    damn sonnn he goes hard! =] good job on killin the song mann.

  • Kriskeystonetmc

    I’d love to see Tech play with a live drummer. This kids got skillz!!!! Hit em’ up Tech!!!

  • This is sick!!! Blackened the Sun one of the best songs! How about a rock remix??

  • qwerqr

    yo check out dirty wormz rock remix of this

  • OWN!

  • DOPE! WOW!


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