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Favorite Track From Tech N9ne ‘SEEPAGE EP’? [Poll]

Published: October 28, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

As the latest release from Tech N9ne, Seepage EP, continues to rank on top of the leaderboard on iTunes, we want to know what songs you have been bumpin’ the most in the past couple of days? Label mate Krizz Kaliko ran a poll recently and we found that you like the two songs featuring him on Seepage EP — and from the results gathered at the time of this post, the 644 votes speak for themselves with almost an equal split of people preferring ‘”Trippin’ Comin'” over “Asshole” and vice versa. We’ve seen lot’s of feedback on the Seepage EP and even with the overwhelming support for the EP, it seems that fans can’t agree on which is their favorite track. We want you to set the record straight– once and for all– which are the best tracks on Seepage EP? Take a minute to vote and post your reasoning below. If your friends ever want to know what Seepage is all about, you send them here first.


Why did you choose the tracks you did? Post your answers in the comments below!

  • CJ


  • I picked Alucard because I just love the words and the beats. It’s not my only favorite. I also like Seepage Asshole and Bite Me. I just wished that Bite Me was longer.

  • Martee

    I picked Alucard because it’s just flat out sick. You really outdid yourself on that, Tech. Hell, I thought KOD and Gates Mixed Plate went hard, but then you snapped back with that, it was ridiculous. But I’m truly torn between that and Seepage, cause I can relate with that one

  • Alucard is definitely one of my favorite tracks from the SeePage Ep the beat is so ghoulish and your dare i say “creative message” hahaha was delivered on point. I love your music Tech even tho i became a fan when i heard K.O.D your music has given me the curiousity to listen to your previous work. Sickology 101 had me referencing you as a Rap God. Im from Savannah, Ga but you got me yelling KCMO

  • Trojan17

    make a video for alucard at the uptown saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • THE3millionThug

    u can vote for more than one lol seepage and alucard

  • Brianmurrayusa

    I like Alucard simply because I miss the backward dark shit!

  • Seepage title track is by far the best one

  • Anonymous

    Seepage and Alucard are my fave tracks. Trippin’ Comin’ is epic, too! So yeah, in that order.

  • GermannOne

    Alucard is sick!
    and yes, a BLH collab on Bite Me would be hardcore man

  • Nurse-courtney

    I love seepage, cuz he says FUCKTARD

  • i like em all, its hard to pick just 1! but i picked bite me because the title alone just describes me.

  • Mick Takeshi

    It’s all about Seepage

  • Derick_27

    Almost just hit all 5 tracks and voted lol but that wouldn’t get any results, chose alucard and seepage they go hard


    i voted for bite me that shit is dope but it needs to be a much longer track the beat and flow are sicc LOL

  • Piccoj

    The more I listen to any of them, the more I like them. I voted for “Trippin’ Comin” because I like the tone and the chorus is very smooth. Well done, Tech. Well done.

  • Anonymous

    bite me is hella different

  • Alucard has the sickest fuckin beat I’ve ever heard, and the lyrics are sicc az hell…. To describe himself as the Immortal Dracula of rap, perfect, don’t think it couldn’t have been done any better.

  • RaphManJr

    I had to vote Asshole, just like the name and what he says! Killin’ it again Tech :P. Trippin’ Comin is pretty sick too. Can’t stop listenin to the whole Ep! So awesome! Those sick beatz just cant be matched by nobody! This is my order.

    1. Asshole
    2. Trippin’ Comin’
    3. Alucard
    4. Seepage
    5. Bite Me
    6. Choking From It

    All these peepz sayin that Tech aint nuffin causez he aint chartin’ definitely missin out, cause he the best rapper alive!!!



  • T9X

    Seepage, Alucard & Bite Me got my vote. Bite Me most likely would’ve gotten more votes if the track was longer.

  • An Open Message to Tech N9ne,

    We, The Fans, sincerly APOLOGIZE for blasting,criticize,shit,etc. on your previous LP, The Gates Mixed Plate.
    I, Myself, appreciate for the work you put into this EP and made me appreciate even more T.G.M.P. for the artistic work you did and for what you are capable of. An artist like you, who can drop great albums, will be remembered for what you’ve accomplished and will be clearly thought BEFORE we criticize for the creation of your future releases.

    Sincerly yours,
    Cesar from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

  • Marked them all because I love them all 6 in each unique way, as I do with every album that comes from Strange really.. Never experienced any skip tracks on the albums to this date.

  • Dice

    Alucard over all!
    I thinking about what is alucard all the song, i used dictionary, but nothin.
    When I heard that “A-L-U-C-A-R-D read it backward”, my hearth stopped. OMG! Tech is da best!

  • FliPP


  • numero uno, the beats CRAZY!! the flow, the emotion, the lyrics, the way the intro set it up..its just one of those songs where the actual verses make me get up and move like Eminem’s track ‘Till I Collapse’ and plus he said “do you believe in KOD?” i had to stop n jus be like ‘yu DID that tech!’ and i also like how he had been talking about trying to leave the darkness behind..and here it comes, SEEPING out

    oh yeah, my favorite track is ‘Seepage’ lol..

  • pete

    love all seepage tech at his very best


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