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Tech Fans Perform At Talent Show [Video]

Published: October 29, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

Here’s a video we found of two Tech fans performing at a talent show. They dubbed their show “The Tech N9ne Experience” and it included parts of “Come Gangsta”, “Midwest Choppers” and “Riotmaker”, among others. The guys really get into it by painting their faces, trying to incite crowd participation and throwing in a couple of choreographed dance moves.

Show them a little love and watch their video here or below.

  • Darren_427

    man. MAD LOVE !!!

  • Spacemonkey514

    tech you are the greatest lyricist ever!!!!

  • FuckthisBULLSHIT

    this is easily the most retarded, un-interesting murdering of music, shittiest performance of all time.

  • Sharlaxismp

    now thats a fan..

  • They’re ok, not the best I’ve seen, but it’s the thought counts!!


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