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‘Bout Ta Bubble’ Dance In The Middle Of Best Buy [Video]

Published: November 7, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

You never know where Tech N9ne’s music is going to turn up these days. In this hilarious video, a fan breaks into a dance in the middle of Best Buy to “Bout Ta Bubble” from Everready. Customers and employees don’t seem to know what to make of it, but end up enjoying the show anyways.

Click here to watch the video or simply watch it below.

  • ROFL wow,… the lil boy didnt kno what to think

  • One_gun_salute101

    and drinkin and smokin and humpin and LIKIN IT!!

  • that is fucking hilarious hahahahaha

  • Big D

    love the song but homeboy cant dance

  • breezy_baby

    keep it STRANGE homie hahahaha!!!
    just made my day 🙂

  • Majin_enx

    Funny video, but the kid looks like a loser

  • Mick Takeshi

    How the fuck is ANYONE going to even talk shit on this kid as if he’s actually TRYING to dance well? Ya’ll can be some serious fucked up haters sometimes.

  • techn9cian4life

    He can’t dance, but that takes some balls to just start dancing in the middle of Best Buy. Lol.

  • TK

    Lol this guy deserves a cookie!
    Keep it Strange!


  • Buggdx1

    All I’m gon’ say is.. Ol’ girl in the background can get it with that thick ass of hers! bwahaha This dude had some balls to just get down in a store like that! MCL

  • What’s up with the Kanye West shades lol Cool video even if the dancin’ was that great

  • Hahahahaha! Yes That’s me in this video!

  • Minniemama68

    That’s my son. Seriously, just so you know, he’s the greatest….and he’s autistic, so before you go making comments, think. Thanks!!!

  • You go mom!

  • letteurrrdead

    okay good try but it would be funny if it were good dancing…..
    epic fail 🙂
    they were probablu laughing at you not with you
    but props for actually makin a fool of your self.

  • dude showed massive techa n9na love without fear of who cares….rock out with yourc*** out bro!


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